Too much sleep can cause health issues

health issues

Everybody who needs to observe a wholesome way of life is aware that we now have to sleep for at least eight hours to be secure and sound, too much sleep can cause some health issues. However, not as many individuals know that it’s not helpful to sleep any longer than that. Both means, an excessive amount of sleep in addition to a scarcity of it will probably hurt our well being.

Issues with weight acquire

Different research present that each quick and lengthy durations of sleep are linked with diabetes, weight problems and some health issues. This reality isn’t that apparent; however, medical doctors declare that we transfer lower than we should always, which is why we acquire weight. We get up too late and don’t have time for bodily actions.

Depressive problems

Individuals who endure from depressive problems, additionally expertise sleep problems. Generally, in instances of several kinds of issues, individuals sleep higher than regular. It’s a vicious cycle as a result of long sleep causes despair and fatigue. You sleep increasingly more and don’t need to depart your mattress within the morning, the world doesn’t make you excited, and these signs result in despair.

Coronary heart illness

In the event you sleep for too lengthy, you did not solely lose treasured hours; however, you may as well get coronary heart illness. These days, coronary heart points are among the many most typical causes of demise, and sleeping for greater than eight hours an evening will increase your probabilities of dying from a coronary heart assault by 34%.

What’s extra, is research showing that girls usually tend to sleep longer than males, which is why they should take into account that there’s a detailed connection between extreme sleep and coronary heart illness/ health issues.


An absence of sleep causes complications. However, it additionally occurs after we sleep for too lengthy. We shouldn’t lie in the mattress so much even throughout weekends and holidays. In any other case, we could get up with a terrible headache.

The factor is, extreme sleep impacts our neurotransmitters within the mind and our stage of serotonin.

Reminiscence points

Following a examine, long sleep impacts our mind works. What’s extra, is if you happen to get up in the evening usually, you may not get sufficient deep sleep. Thus, you get up.

This, in flip, impacts our mind’s cognitive capabilities and its capability to pay attention and keep in mind particulars.


It might sound shocking; however, generally, insomnia is attributable to unhealthy habits along with exercise and sleep. For instance, if you happen to keep up late in entrance of the pc and resolve to sleep longer the subsequent day, you possibly can endure from insomnia. 2 days could be sufficient to confuse your physique clock so that you merely expertise issues with sleep.

Sleep much less (and higher)?

To let your physique get better inside 7-Eight hours, attempt to observe these wholesome sleep guidelines:

Eat healthy meals.
Cut back the consumption of alcohol.
Get up and go to mattress on the identical time.
Don’t devour caffeinated drinks and enormous meals.
Make sure that your bedroom is quiet, darkish, and enjoyable.
What number of hours do you usually sleep each evening? Is it sufficient for you?

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